From award-winning author Natasha Friend comes a compelling investigation of sexual assault and the toxic and complicit systems of a small college town.


Before the night of the frat fair, 15-year old Nora Melchionda’s life could have been a Gen-Z John Hughes movie. She had a sort-of boyfriend, a spot on the field hockey team, good grades, and a circle of close friends. Sure there were bumps in the road: she and her lifelong BFF Cam were growing apart and her mother was trying to clone her into wearing sensible khakis instead of short skirts. But none of that mattered, because Nora always had her dad, Rhett Melchionda, on her side. Rhett was not only Nora’s hero, but, as the Athletic Director of Faber College, he was idolized by everyone she knew. Now, Nora would give anything to go back to that life.  The life before she woke up on the golf course.


She doesn’t want to talk about what happened—not that she could, because she doesn’t remember anything.  Cam wants to convince Nora to look for evidence and report the incident to the police. Adam Xu, who found Nora that night and saw her at her most vulnerable, wants to make sure she’s okay. Nora tries to pretend she’s fine. But when she realizes her silence could hurt other people, pretending is no longer an option. 


The Wolves Are Waiting begins in the aftermath of an attempted assault but reaches beyond a single night and a single incident. What Nora and her friends uncover is a story that spans generations—a story that needs to be told.