“An unusual, uplifting take on self-discovery and starting over.”   -Kirkus Reviews




For Quinn McAvoy, losing her hair the summer before eighth grade was the beginning of the end.  Suddenly she was Pluto: a has-been planet, too dwarf-like and unimportant to hang with the other celestial bodies.

But Quinn gets a second chance when her family moves across the country a week before her freshman year.  No one in Gull’s Head, Massachusetts, knows that Quinn has alopecia, the autoimmune disorder that took the hair she never really thought about—until it was gone.  No one knows the wig she’s wearing isn’t her real hair.

All Quinn wants is to blend in with the crowd.  When the popular girls mistake her as one of their own, Quinn plays along, until a boy in a wheelchair, who’s been hurt even more than she has, turns Quinn’s carefully constructed world on its head.