“Friend has neatly captured the mix of anger, hormones, and confusion that boil in a 13-year-old's brain. Writing about the ways families blend—with messiness, anger, love, confusion—isn't easy, but she's done it, and given us one terrific coming-of-age novel. A-” -EntertainmentWeekly.com




Is it crazy to talk to your dead mother on a daily basis? Thirteen year-old Evyn Linney doesn’t think so. For as long as Evyn can remember, she’s talked to her mom—the only mom she’s ever wished for, the only one she still wants. Now, Evyn needs her more than ever because, bombshell: Evyn’s dad is getting married. And they’re moving to Boston. Worse, the woman he’s marrying has six kids. Six. Six kids that Evyn and her brother Mackey will soon be related to.


What happens when you’re forced to leave the only life you’ve ever known, to move in with a bunch of strangers? When you can’t stand the woman your father’s in love with? When you find yourself falling hard and fast for your twenty year-old stepbrother? The perils of dealing with a new stepfamily are illuminated in Bounce, the story of a girl who must learn how to manage her life . . . even when so many things are beyond her control.